Budweiser Ad

Poor Budweiser could be next Trump tweet!

Trumpled. First it was New Balance, then Boeing, then LL Bean and now poor old Budweiser. As we all know, they are competing with micro-brew brands, which trade on ‘authenticity’, against the villainous, mass-produced factory beers. Respect and authenticity is such an important territory for consumer insight in the beer category and last year Budweiser

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Consumer Insight: When it’s not obvious why..

Why choose Vodafone instead of Three or Heineken instead of Carlsberg or… When the reasons behind brand choices aren’t clear, psychoanalytical techniques can be really useful. When we are looking for ‘penetrating insight into consumer motivation that can be applied to unlock growth’ (DWBB definition), it makes sense to tap into ‘the scientific study of the human mind and

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Four things to know about Strategic Design

It’s not new. Strategic design thinking has been around in its current form since the 1950’s. It’s recent popularity is being driven by: The need to find design solutions to complex consumer experiences as opposed to designing objects or visuals. It’s more complex to design a contemporary banking experience across lots of digital channels than it

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Ireland Design

Ireland is ‘average’ at design according to Eurostat

Irish businesses are about average compared with the rest of the EU when it comes to using design thinking to drive growth. Eurostat uses a benchmarking tool called the Danish Design Ladder to assess how well businesses across the EU are at leveraging design as part of their development strategies. The tool ranks companies based

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Originate Colour Cards

Our new brand identity

Over the last few months we’ve been working on our own brand positioning and identity.  Our new core brand essence is; understanding, insight, creativity and collaboration. We see these as values but also the individual stages of the strategic design process. The creative work starts with the idea of the ‘Point of Origin’ and we explored a

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Obliteration Room

Engagement Idea

Nice engagement piece from the Tate..  

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