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Brand / Marketing
We rebranded AIB for a better banking experience

AIB is one of Ireland’s largest banks with an enduring brand identity, which we redesigned to help this financial giant move forward in a digital world. Respecting its heritage, we preserved familiar iconography that has been central to the brand story for 26 years. Our digital-friendly design was applied across every touchpoint empowering AIB customers, boosting engagement and helping more people embrace online banking like never before.

Our Role

  • Qualitative Research
  • Brand Identity & Guidelines
  • Digital & Print Collateral
  • Business & Credit Cards
  • Project Management
  • Video / Motion Graphics


Putting customers first is part of its culture. Extensive research revealed consumers favoured a brand refresh more than a radical transformation. Familiar elements of the brand identity were valued, however there was a case for having a friendlier, more simplified logo that reflected the ease of banking with AIB. Inspired by these findings, we revitalised the identity and implemented its application to ensure a seamless brand experience.


We designed a modern and engaging identity, breathing new life into the iconic ark and dove emblem, which has become synonymous with AIB. Its digital-friendly design enhances the integrity of the brand and future-proofs it for a changing media environment.


The simplicity of the stylish new logo and energetic colour palette brought new flexibility to the brand, giving it impact across digital channels. Through the development of digital and print brand guidelines, we made executing this new identity easy.

A soft launch was prudently rolled out across 200 branches nationwide over 18 months and selected digital media, making the transition to a new identity smoother for AIB customers.