Brand for a new gateway to Europe

Capital Dock

We developed and implemented a new brand strategy and marketing communications program for Capital Dock, a 350,000 sq. ft. waterfront development in Dublin.

Our Role

  • Brand positioning and strategy
  • Brand name development
  • Brand identity
  • Digital communication strategy
  • Creative development
  • Project management and implementation

Our challenge was to ..


  • Persuade large business to choose Capital Dock as their European HQ
  • Convince young, affluent professionals to become occupiers
  • Encourage retailers, restaurateurs and service providers to open businesses in Capital Dock


The area has obvious potential to be an iconic city centre location with fashionable docklands feel. The target audience wanted to be excited by the vision promised and reassured that it would become a thriving reality.


Our strategy was to:

  • Dial up the historical provenance of the location to convey permanence and strength
  • Leverage the reputation of modern Dublin as a fashionable, tech savvy European capital
  • Bring to life the promise of a contemporary, urban lifestyle

Digital Media, Channels and Platforms

Social Media | Website | Mobile | Advertising | Display | Print | Signage | Documentation | Brochures | Video | Letterheads | Business Cards | Way Finding | Outdoor | Events


Capital Docks brand captures the historical provenance of the area with the promise of a new contemporary lifestyle.

Creating confidence in the future of Capital Docks as a premium location at the heart of a European capital