Consumer trendspotting in confectionery

Hadji Bey’s

Our task was to take an authentic 1920’s brand and relaunch it in the premium confectionery market in UK and Ireland.

We developed a new brand essence and positioning. And, translated that into a new brand identity, packaging formats and supporting marketing communications.

Our Role

  • Trendspotting research
  • Brand essence and positioning
  • Strategic design thinking
  • Creative development
  • Communication development

Our challenge was to..

  • Create packaging that would persuade affluent shoppers that Hadji Bey is a premium gift and a signal of their good taste.
  • Give the brand a contemporary twist whilst also being respectful of its authentic story.


  • Collaborative workshops with designers and client team.
  • Interviews with the distributor and retail sales staff.
  • Consumer trend research to help inform design strategy.


Bord Bia’s consumer lifestyle research identified two important consumer trends which inspired our thinking:

Remixing tradition – taking the best of tradition and heritage and giving it a contemporary twist.

Genuine provenance – consumers desire to engage directly with the places where products are made.


We created a more up to date packaging format and softer brand palette, which took its cues from the art nouveau style of the original 1902 store-front. This struck the right balance between traditional provenance and attracting contemporary shoppers giving a more indulgent, luxury yet modern feel for the brand.


Since its redesign, Hadji Bey has achieved listings in many exclusive retailers across the world, and has experienced significant sales uplift.

The new branding and packaging for Hadji Bey won both the prestigious ICAD Design Award for Packaging Design and the Institute of Designer’s Award for Best Packaging.

Consumer lifestyle research inspired our thinking

Giving heritage and tradition a contemporary look and feel

Build premium values from genuine brand provenance