Strategy Only Client

Power NI

Brand essence, positioning and insight generation and application

We are strategy advisors for the Power NI brand. This involves development and management of annual communication strategies and plans. We work closely with local creative agencies to deliver an effective communication program each year.


PowerNI is the former state owned electricity supplier and has over 1 million customers. They are price-regulated to encourage competition. The role of marketing is to persuade customers to stay with them despite being more expensive than other providers.

Our Role

We use a structured approach to strategic planning which draws on ‘Diageo Way of Brand Building’ and ‘Proctor and Gamble Way’ processes:

Brand Essence and positioning development and management

Insight generation and application

Communication strategy and planning

Direction of creative development

Monitoring and course adjustment


Like many utility brands, consumers take Power NI for granted – it has never let them down in the past. The only time that customers think deeply about the brand and issues of value and reliability is when they consider switching – prompted by competitor marketing activity. In the absence of price as a competitive lever, we rely on the strength of that brand relationship and long history of trust and dependability.

Our key insight was that uniquely in Northern Ireland, because of culture and possibly recent history, consumers place a higher value on ‘proven’ neighbours they can trust, than elsewhere in the UK.

Our brand strategy is based on this insight – dialing up the ‘proven’ provenance, dependability and strength of the commitment of Power NI so that when considering switching, consumers think twice. So..

Power NI is your kind of energy


Share and revenue have remained stable and NPS scores have increased.