Scope Eyecare, Fully Integrated E-Commerce Solutions

Scope is an Irish pharmaceutical company offering a range of healthcare and eye-care products in UK, Ireland and USA. Over the past three years, we have worked with Scope to elevate their corporate presence, develop six websites and have used our expertise to help drive sales and introduce their products to a larger audience.

We created interlinked mobile friendly websites for Ireland, UK, and USA with a n integrated e-commerce system. Within our partnership, we have built robust technical solutions that highlight Scope’s products by staying true to their brand identity, helping them to plan launches confidently and bring new products to market more efficiently.

Recently, Scope produced a number of innovative products in record time, the most audacious being Fusion Allergy; an all-natural, preservative-free range of products for the treatment of allergy and Hayfever symptoms.
30 day website build, 80,000+ organic hits, record sales in a completely new product category.