Poster Project: HOME

This is the first instalment of our Originate Poster Project

This was an internal brief which allows us to let our creative juices flow under a different theme every few weeks. To kick off we chose the theme of Home. We had been working from home for one whole year so it felt very fitting.


Alyne Darmon

A hand done illustration of being on your own and loving your home.

Elaine Murphy

Elaine Murphy

Hand drawn illustrations showing the work / life balance from home.

Originate Poster Project Social EVA

Eva Shortt

Inspired by the feeling of warmth at home.

Originate Poster Project Social JOAQUIN

Joaquin Gomez

Visually showcasing the length of time we were all at home.

Originate Poster Project Social NADIA

Nadie Weber

Representing her home town of Puebla, Mexico where Mexican and Spanish pottery is tradition.

Originate Poster Project Social SAM

Samantha Pereira

Inspired by the murals painted along Main Street in Vancouver, Canada.