The Art of Temptation: BOL Foods’ Visual Makeover in the Plant-Based Food Realm

In a move to solidify its position in the ever-expanding plant-based food market, BOL Foods, the renowned purveyor of delicious and sustainable meals, has recently unveiled a fresh and captivating visual identity and packaging redesign. This strategic transformation showcases  the brands commitment to celebrating real food, real people, and the benefits of a plant-based lifestyle through innovative design and marketing. Let’s take a closer look at how Bol Foods’ new brand identity serves as a recipe for design success.

Designing a Relatable Narrative

BOL’s redesign journey involved building a relatable narrative that showcased the true positives of plant-based living. By leveraging the power of food pleasure and occasion, the brand sought to engage consumers in a way that resonated with their modern lifestyles. Central to this narrative was the integration of a graphic ‘smile’ device derived from the BOL Foods logo. This element was cleverly incorporated across packaging and communications, amplifying the positive, foodie nature of the brand. 

Distinctive Personality on the Shelf

Recognising the importance of standing out in a crowded marketplace, BOL ensured that each product in their Pots range exuded a vibrant and distinctive personality. Through careful evolution, the packaging now delivers an unmistakable brand-feel, making BOL Food products instantly recognisable on the shelf. 

Delight for the Senses

In their pursuit of a captivating brand experience, the company reimagined their tone-of-voice, typography, photography, and colour choices. These elements were thoughtfully combined to create a visual feast that entices consumers to indulge in the brand’s offerings. 

BOL Foods’ recent design and marketing overhaul has truly taken their plant-based delights to new heights. Through this transformative redesign, the brand showcases the power of a well-executed and unified design approach in enhancing a brand’s image and enriching the overall consumer experience. BOL has masterfully crafted a winning formula for design success that not only pleases our palates but also satisfies our visual cravings.