The Future of Web Development at our Creative Design Studio

At Originate, we love creativity and we love technology. We pride ourselves on the high quality designs and digital experiences we deliver to our clients, helping them to stand out in the marketplace and boost their brand identity.

As the web evolves and technology advances rapidly every year, we are presented with more and more challenges, as well as new opportunities and advanced solutions to overcome these challenges. As a digital design agency we love to keep on top of our technology stack and explore different ideas and frameworks that we can use to deliver high performance solutions to our clients.

In this post we will touch on some of the emerging technology, architectures, and design trends that we are using to deliver high quality experiences on the web. One of the best resources for web design inspiration is, of course, Awwwards. Here you will see some of the most creative web projects out there, all of which leverage the best available technology to help them create truly unique experiences for their clients.

Jamstack Architecture


In recent years we have been adopting this architecture in order to build fast, modern, and performant sites. A Jamstack architecture provides a wide range of benefits. It is a modern web development architecture that emphasizes the use of CDNs and decoupling services.


“Modern web development architecture based on client-side JavaScript, reusable APIs, and prebuilt Markup.”

– Mathias Biilmann, Netlify co-founder.

Some of the main benefits that come with this architecture:


We pre-generate all our pages and assets which separates the frontend pages and the UI from the backend apps and databases. This allows us to host pre-generated files with read-only hosting to reduce the risk of attack.


A high performance global content delivery network allows for simpler deployments, built-in redundancy, and excellent load capacity. Reducing the cost, complexity, and risk to expand when needed.


Very high performance is possible without introducing expensive or complex infrastructure. The entire frontend is prebuilt into highly optimized static pages and assets, pre-rendering results in sites which can be served directly from a CDN close to the end user.

Creative Development

Our team at Originate is also passionate about Creative Web Development. An emerging area for the last number of years, Creative Web Development meshes ideas from multimedia, animation, and design combining them to create standout interactive experiences on the web.


We already see this technique being used across some of the world’s leading companies like Nike, Apple, and Mozilla. Various technologies for coding, animation, and 3D graphics are being brought together within a website to create something new, interactive and exciting. This approach becomes more and more accessible each year as our devices continue to improve in performance and graphics.

Artboard 2FLOOR

At Originate, we are always pushing the boundaries and trying new and exciting ways to create immersive, interactive experiences for our clients. Over the last few years, we have delivered a  range of standout sites:

Founders District

One Le Pole Square


As the creative design industry advances it is extremely important to keep ahead of the curve with our technology stack when developing modern websites. In order to help improve user interaction, security and performance we can use new techniques, but it’s also important to give clients a familiar space to work from. This is why we absolutely love the power of WordPress as our CMS of choice. With continued improvements in technology we are able to combine our old and new favourites to offer the ultimate modern website experience to our clients.

If you are interested in boosting your brand identity on the web then please get in touch with our team