Embarking on an Enchanting Consumer Journey: Exploring Emotional Connections in the Digital Era

“The Age of Re-enchantment” report by global communications agency Wunderman Thompson, explores a growing trend of consumers seeking enchantment and wonder in our increasingly digital world. As technology dominates our lives, people crave more meaningful and emotional experiences.

The report identifies key drivers behind this desire for re-enchantment. Firstly, artificial intelligence and automation have created disconnection, leading to a longing for human connection. People seek experiences that evoke wonder, surprise, and magic.

Secondly, the climate crisis has increased awareness of environmental footprints, making sustainability important. Brands prioritising sustainability and ethical practices are seen as enchanting to consumers.

Storytelling and mythology are highlighted as crucial in capturing attention. Brands with compelling narratives and universal archetypes foster enchantment and deeper connections.

Nostalgia and the desire to revisit past eras are also explored. The research found that nostalgia can be a powerful tool for re-enchantment, allowing people to reconnect with positive emotions.

In essence, the “Age of Re-enchantment” report underscores the true need for brands and marketers to embrace these key elements and weave them into their strategies. By creating experiences that surprise, engage through storytelling, prioritise sustainability, and evoke nostalgia, brands can transcend the digital landscape and forge genuine emotional connections with consumers.

You can read the full report here