Typography News: November 2021

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Case studies of newly designed accents for contemporary typefaces

Radek Sidun of the Czech foundry Briefcase has written a book on diacritics and their correct design. There are more than 70 languages in Europe using the Latin script. Some have disappeared, others are spoken by only a small part of the population, and there are only a few dozen of the most used ones.

Font builder

An online tool to create your own handwritten font with your mouse.here.

I studied the fonts of the top 1000 websites. Here’s what I learned.

This article was written by Michael Li—a data scientist and entrepreneur with a love for design. Previously at Foursquare, Google, J.P. Morgan, D.E. Shaw, and NASA.

Design Regression

Design Regression is a journalette (mini journal) publishing texts that are about design for reading and reading-related research. It aims for the hard-to-get blend of approachability with seriousness and relevance to practice.

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