A redesigned, digital first modern identity rolled-out to over 200 branches nationwide.

AIB is one of Ireland’s largest banks with an enduring brand identity – we redesigned this to help the financial giant move forward in a digital world. Respecting its heritage, we preserved familiar iconography that we transformed into a digital-friendly design to apply across every touchpoint, empowering AIB customers, boosting engagement and helping more people embrace online banking like never before.

We designed a modern and engaging identity, breathing new life into the iconic ark and dove emblem, which has become synonymous with AIB. It is a digital first design that enhances the integrity of the brand and future-proofs it for an ever changing world of financial services and technology.

Designing and creating a brand system planned around enabling simpler customer journeys and easier experiences was key. With over 3 million customers ensuring simple navigation to the new brand while imbuing the brand with a less complicated and energic tone was key to its success.