A place that plays by new rules.

We named, designed and developed The Campus to give Dublin a business destination that spoke to modern professionals. Reinventing this commercial park and revealing a playful character energised its community of over 3,700 professionals. A better work-life balance became part of its appeal. The concept of a place that plays by new rules informed our visual and verbal identity. Fun yet informative, the brochure and website revealed a new manifesto: a workplace that puts enjoyment on the agenda. Lifestyle photography was art directed to reflect the energy of this versatile address with each spread giving companies new reasons to relocate. The upshot was a highly successful launch with pre-lets secured by one of the top five global payment providers in the world.


Brochures designed by Originate Creative Agency for The Campus in Ireland

Rethinking space and breaking boundaries

We uncovered the character of Cherrywood and create a location and community that people want to be part of; one that connects the people, the architecture and the place. We redefinined the location that is Cherrywood by validating its energy, endless possibilities and making it the pre-eminent work-lifestyle destination.