Beautiful photo of neon signs, lettering in green blue and red

Colours and Fonts for Branding

There are multiple factors that contribute to choosing the right colour for your brand such as emotional response, colour popularity, industry standards and combinations. Your brand identity not only sets you apart from other brands but also displays the services and products you are providing as well as showcases what your brand is about.


What emotion do you want from your audience? How do you want them to react to your brand colour(s)? The colour you choose for your brand’s identity will help communicate your company’s message better so it is important to consider the right colours.

Pink Logos


Romance, Femininity, Love, Physical Tranquility.

Red Logos


Love, Warmth, Energy, Romance, Comfort, Gentleness.

Orange Logos


Excitement, Change, Playfulness, Prosperity.

Yellow Logos


Friendly, Cheerful, Happiness, Positivity, Youthful.

Green Logos


Nature, Fertility, Harmony, Tranquility, Health.

Blue Logos


Wisdom, Loyalty, Mystery, Respectability, Sophistication.

Purple Logos


High Quality, Authenticity, Introspection, Truthfulness.

Black Logos


Luxury, Modern, Glamour, Power, Strength, Intelligence.


When choosing the right font for your brand it is best to not pass the three mark – one for your heading, one for sub-headings, and one for body copy. Having more than three fonts will risk your brand appearing haphazardly along with being difficult to incorporate into content marketing. Less than two fonts will make it hard to distinguish headings from body copy.


There are six basic font categories;


Showcases the brand’s originality and fun personality. Disney, Lego, and Toys R’ Us use this decorative font.


This font helps the brand appear more approachable and playful. Not many brands use this font, Kellogg’s is one brand that uses this font.


Mostly used to showcase creativity and elegance. Coca-Cola, Cadillac, and Instagram use this font.

Sans Serif

Creates a clean, modern look. Google, Facebook, and Calvin Klein use this font.


For a more traditional appeal, a serif font would be used. Brands that use this font would be Time Magazine, Tiffany & Co, and Abercrombie & Fitch.

Slab Serif

Companies that want to make a bold statement and exude confidence use slab serif fonts. Honda, Sony, and Volvo are some examples.