Optimize your Company’s LinkedIn Page

#1. Profile Picture and Profile Banner

Make sure your company’s profile picture is your company logo and that the image doesn’t appear cropped or pixelated. Don’t use the same image again for the profile banner, a simple graphic or a group shot of employees can work really well. Be careful when using text in the banner, as text can be cropped out on mobile devices.

#2. Put some thought into the About Us section

Take your time and write a compelling piece for the about us section in LinkedIn. Make sure the language you use reflects your brand’s tone of voice. Start with covering the following topics:

  • Who are you?
  • Where are you based?
  • What do you offer?
  • What are your values?
  • How can people contact you to learn more?

#3. Start sharing content

If you are not posting content observers will assume you are not doing anything. Set yourself a target to post a certain amount of times per week, between 1 and 3 times is perfect.

Types of content:

  • Blog post from your website
  • A Company update – new customer, new product/service, new employee
  • Create a Poll – ask your followers a question, you might find out something useful
  • Share an article that is applicable to your industry

#4. Get the whole company involved

Encourage your team to like and share any content that you post on the company website. It helps broaden the reach of your posts and it also demonstrates a togetherness within the company.


If you are looking for inspiration take a look at some of these accounts: Lego, Lululemon, Sonder, Moleskine, GymplusCoffee, Ikea and Knomo.

#5. Use your credits

LinkedIn Page admins can invite their contacts to like your company page, each page gets 100 credits per month and if someone accepts your invite you get the credit back!

#6. High quality, original content

Using high-quality and original content will increase your followers, grow company reputation and generate more leads. Don’t be afraid to invest in this content, a good design agency (like Originate) can help with content strategy, copywriting, graphic design, videography, and photography.

#7. Sponsored posts

Now that you are producing great content, amplify it! Put some money behind your most engaging posts and tell people outside your followers about your great company.

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