5 Ways to Improve your CTAs Today

#1. Make sure your CTAs are not hidden

Often the CTAs on a site are buried at the bottom of a page or placed in the footer. So you need to ask yourself how often visitors to your site scroll to bottom of a page – answer – a hell of a lot less than the amount that look at the top!

#2. Use numbers

Numbers are a great way to improve your CTAs. Numbers add certainty and help build trust, for example:

  • Subscribe for 10% Discount
  • Request 24 Hour Call Back
  • Buy now for 1-day Shipping

#3. Timing is EVERYTHING

Now that you know not to hide your CTA, don’t just scatter bomb CTAs all over your site. Review what you are saying on your website and place CTAs strategically based on the content.

#4. Stand out from the crowd

Make sure your CTAs stand out, use strongly contrasting colours for CTA Buttons to ensure they are not missed.

#5. Add a little something

The best CTAs are short, we all know that (sign up, buy now, subscribe), however, sometimes you can add to these CTA to improve your conversion rate, for example:

  • Sign up, cancel anytime
  • Buy now for free shipping
  • Subscribe for 10% off