Creating a new, digitally led brand identity for Ireland's largest bank.


We designed and managed the implementation of a new digitally led brand identity for Ireland’s biggest bank. A new brand marque and toolkit were carefully crafted to safeguard the existing brand heritage, while representing the customer’s need for a simpler, friendlier and more flexible banking experience.

We are currently implementing the new identity across the full range of customer touchpoints and collateral from signage to credit cards and mobile apps.

Our Role

  • Brand Essence and Positioning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Qualitative and quantitative research
  • Strategic design process
  • Creative development
  • Stakeholder enrolment
  • Service design
  • Project management and implementation

Our challenge..

AIB’s identity was out dated:

  • Cluttered logo device
  • Unsuitable for online channels
  • Out of place in digital media
  • Old fashioned look and feel
  • Did not communicate new brand postioning


Consumers valued the familiar elements of the identity, which communicated strength and trust. However, they wanted a friendlier, simpler, more casual feel which reflected how they experience banking today.

Strategic Design Thinking

We explored a continuum of options from evolutionary through to revolutionary change that reflected AIB’s new brand positioning.

Consumer research was firmly in favour of a less radical approach – there was a design point beyond which the existing positive brand equity was lost and the visual treatment became a declaration of a repositioning – an outcome which neither consumers nor the client wanted.


The creative solution reworked the brand elements as follows:

  • Purple is ownable, friendly and approachable
  • Brand Symbol:
    • Orientation and scale of the motif to create a more harmonious, simplified and contemporary feel
    • Two dots removed, olive branch removed to ensure clarity on digital platforms
  • Mathematically calculated the spacing between the motif and typography to create a visual balance and geometric map
  • Graded and angled shadows and direction of brand symbol to evoke a bright and positive future
  • Typeface uses bespoke font to reflect strength but is visually softer and more friendly

New Brand Identity

  • Reflects AIB’s strength but manages to retain a friendly tone
  • The new logo shape is more balanced and less hierarchical
  • The simplified, flexible structure performs in all digital channels

Brand Activation

Currently deploying a soft launch over an 18 month period involving 200 bank branches, website, advertising, sponsorship, social media, bank cards and hundreds of pieces of print and signage.

Digital Media, Channels and Platforms

ATM Screens | Social Media | Website | Mobile | Advertising | Display | Print | Signage | Documentations | Brochures | Forms | Credit Cards | Powerpoint | Video | Letterheads | Business Cards | Way Finding | Outdoor | TV | Promotions | Sponsorships

Simplified to be more friendly, accessible
and less formal

New identity works in all channels