Creating a Global brand platform for a ground breaking medical device business.

Originate worked with Aerogen to develop a new business brand proposition and strategy that enabled the business to redefine the patient treatment plan in the ED and ICU. Our goal was to allow Aerogen to drive growth, through education and adoption of new science while redefining the category norms for patients in the world of respiratory care.
Redesigned logo for Aerogen Health in Ireland by marketing agency

Aerogen is the world’s leading manufacturer of aerosol drug delivery technology. Their products are used by over ten million patients across seventy five countries worldwide.

Within twelve months of the campaign commencing, we saw:

+41% increase in sales

+66% increase in profits

Our Challenge

Create a new brand positioning and communication strategy targeting patients and caregivers in the US, Europe and Asia.
Present scientific evidence for the claims of faster, more effective treatment.

Our Insight

During our research it was observed that when doctors, caregivers and patients saw Aerogen’s tiny device working for the first time, there was an ‘ah-ha’ moment. They were impressed by how it seems to magically aerosolize liquid, and with its size when compared with other more clunky nebulizers.

Outdoor advertising billboard for Aerogen Ireland
LED Screen in lobby displaying advertisement for Aerogen