Creating a global communications strategy


Over 3 million patients, in 75 countries, use the Aerogen brand.

We developed and implemented a global communications strategy which is now contributing to double digit growth in all major markets.

Our Role

  • Brand Essence and Positioning
  • Digital communications strategy and plan
  • Creative development
  • Advertising
  • Website
  • Mobile
  • Social
  • Video
  • Display
  • Trade shows, sponsorships and events

Our challenge was to..

  • Create a new brand positioning and communication strategy targeting patients and caregivers in the US, Europe and Asia.
  • Present scientific evidence for the claims of faster, more effective treatment.

Our Process

  • Collaborative workshops with the global sales and marketing teams in USA, Europe and China.
  • Focus groups with doctors, patients and caregivers in USA, Germany and the UK.


Aerogen target major hospitals around the world. Securing a listing requires heavyweight marketing support and detailed scientific evidence.  The science supporting Aerogen is substantial and persuasive. In addition to the science we also noticed during our research that when doctors, caregivers and patients saw Aerogen’s tiny device working for the first time, there was an ‘ah-ha’ moment. They were amazed by how this breakthrough technology almost magically aerosolized drugs, particularly given its size when compared with other more ‘clunky’ nebulizers. As one doctor said ‘when you see it you get it’

Idea: Recreate the ‘ah-ha’ moment

We devised a digital-first strategy to re-create that special ‘ah-ha’ moment as the lead for the creative campaign. And, we simplified the complex scientific and financial data into easy to ‘get’ product benefits to convince audiences of Aerogen’s ability to deliver faster, more effective treatment. 

The Results

In the twelve months after the campaign started, sales have grown by 41% and profits by 66%.

Digital Media, Channels and Platforms

Social Media | Website | Mobile | Advertising | Display | Print | Signage | Documentation | Brochures | Powerpoint | Video | Letterheads | Business Cards | Way Finding | Outdoor | TV | Promotions | Sponsorships | Trade Shows | Events


Campaign strategy based on qualitative research with caregivers in Europe and USA

Doctors were amazed at this breakthrough technology…’when you see it, you instantly get it..!’

We created a digital-first strategy communications strategy.