Motion content that delivered real impact and exceeded national campaign targets.

Toyota Dealer Rental is an innovative app that changes the way people rent cars. It brings drivers and Toyota dealers together, making it easier to rent the latest model without the hassle of paperwork. We worked closely with Toyota to create a national campaign, visual language, dealer tool kit and engaging motion content to launch this first time service to Ireland. Within the first quarter, Toyota saw a 94% dealer registration and 6,100 rental days achieved - far above the anticipated campaign goals.
Insight: Car rentals are no longer confined to holidaymakers and business professionals. The rental market has been transformed and now anyone keen to get behind the wheel is using technology to do so. Toyota Dealer Rental gives dealers a platform to engage new audiences and generate new business, without having to handle vetting, insurance or payments.

Creative Solution: Working closely with Toyota Ireland, we devised an engagement strategy and launched this pioneering app in Ireland. Understanding the mindset of dealers and how they operate enabled us to create an exciting brand narrative that conveyed the simplicity of this innovative technology.

Since launch of the program, there has been:
94% dealer sign up conversion
4.5/5 Star consumer rating on the App Store