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We created a place where people could make history

One Le Pole Square is a new office building with a historical civic square located only a short walk from Dublin Castle. Once the grounds of a 7th century church, St. Michael Le Pole, this commercial scheme respects history and embraces the future by bringing heritage and innovation together to create an office destination with a difference.


Our Role

  • Brand Essence and Positioning
  • Brand Strategy
  • Qualitative and Quantitative Research
  • Strategic Design Process
  • Creative Development
  • Stakeholder Enrolment
  • Service Design
  • Project Management and Implementation


Spanning a city block, this pivotal location is on a popular pedestrian route between Grafton Street and Henry Street. For centuries, this has been the trading heart of the capital. With its landmark commercial bank designed by renowned architect Sam Stephenson, this area set a tone that once defined modern Ireland.

Redefining the purpose of this area so that it became more of a social destination was brought to life in the name Central Plaza, which reflected the paradigm shift in the nature of this space.


Inspired by the evolving nature of this new destination, we developed a brand with a sense of theatre that could capture the essence of this new destination.


We brought this new destination to life through a compelling film, website and marketing suite which struck a chord with each target audience. Social media was among our chosen marketing channels. Instagram proved highly effective in helping us place the brand firmly in the mindset of our target audience.